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Moon When All Things Ripen and Ghazal for the Texas Flamingo, Cordella Issue 17, January 2023.

Nocturne, Verse Daily, June 30, 2022.

Tornado Song, Verse Daily, June 7, 2022.

Maid Marion Waits Inside the Dim Halls of Patriarchy & Maid Marion Illustrates Gender is Performative, Couplet Poetry, January 2022.

4 Palmistry (found) Poems Unlost Journal, Spring 2021.

Coral Calls Out Anthropocentric Despair” and “Ghost Pastoral,” Blackbird, Spring 2021.

Three Indestructible Observer Poems, The Fourth River, FUTURES issue, Fall 2020.

The Indestructible Observer Admits,” Science Fiction & Fantasy Poetry Association, second place, short category, 2020.

Pandemic Meditations” as part of Oak Spring Garden Foundation’s COVID-19 “Shelter in Art” program, Summer 2020.

Hunger Meditation” and “Ode to the Half-Male, Half-Female Cardinal,” Grist online, June 2020.

The Animal Eyes Grow Dark,” Great River Review, May 2020.

Four Poems up at Western Humanities Review, February 2020.

The Snow Owl,” SWWIM, January 31, 2020.

Ode to Everything, Saunders Trail Attempt,” Sweet: a Literary Confection, Contest Finalist, January 2020.

Kissing Meditation,” Verse Daily, September 23, 2019.

My Superpower,” Hobart, September 2019.

Flirtation Meditation” and “Self-Portrait at 31,” Pittsburgh Poetry Journal, Summer 2019.

Three Meditations up at Terrain: a Journal of the Built & Natural Environments, April 2019.

The Alien Epistles, Letters 1- 3” Strange Horizons, April 2019.

Poem for My Former Niece” Writer’s Almanac, February 28, 2019 (reprint from Glass Harvest).

Frail Migration,” Cold Mountain Review, Fall 2018.

“Hesitation Waltz” and “Ghosting Aubade,” The Southeast Review, September 2018.

Letter to the Aliens, #1,” Liminal Stories, August 2018.

My Boyfriend Says Poetry and NASCAR are the Same…” and “Ode to My Late-30s Sex Drive,” Nashville Review, August 2018.

Laughter, Hiccups, & Yawning.” Missouri Review Poem of the Week, May 2018.

Starlicide” at Edge Effects, May 2018.

Ode to Avocado” at Serving House Journal, May 2018.

Camel Meditation” in Issue 17 of Radar poetry (January 2018).

Featured Poet for September 2017 at Atticus Review

“Adolescent Meditation” and “Would You Rather Recover or Idealize a Lost Love” at Front Porch, May 2017.

Two Widows” on Verse Daily (also in Glass Harvest), February 2, 2017.

Lunar Eclipse” in Superstition Review, Issue 18, December 2016.

Starling Advice” and “Year in Review” up at The Maynard, April 2016.

“Autumn Thinking” up at Missouri Review, Poem of the Week, March 2016.

“Spell for the End of Grief” and “Rattlesnake Master” up at Baltimore Review, Summer 2015.

Hayloft” up at Passages North.

Visitation” up at Smartish Pace, winner of the 2013 Beullah Rose Prize.

Dream of the Ark” up at Coal Hill Review.

The Unknotting” up at The Adroit Journal. 

Three Poems won one of the Dorothy Sargent Rosenberg Poetry Prizes, 2013.

Four Poems at New World Writing, Summer 2013.

The Calendar” – Rattle #30, Winter 2008, Rattle Poetry Prize Honorable Mention.

“Velleity” and “Blackberry Season” – Louisiana Cultural Vistas, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival Poetry Prize, Spring 2013.


Cantaloupe Face Punch Nephew Supreme” – The Pinch, March 2021

Love Hermits” – Sou’wester, December 2020

Portrait of a Losing Bet” – Genre2, March 2019

The Adventures of Kiki, P.I.” – Lumina Journal, Honorable Mention Speculative Fiction Contest, 2018.

Sideways Lavender” – Syntax & Salt, Issue 2, 2016.

Pythagorean Theorem” –  Valparaiso  Fiction Review, Volume 1, Issue 2, 2012.

Creative Nonfiction:

Ten Scenes of Not Being in Love” – The Account, November 2020.

An Honest & Complete Dating Profile” – Hobart Pulp, August 2020.

Other Prose:

Netting Beauty: Review of Nazifa Islam’s Forlorn Light (Southern Indiana Review, 2023)

Ragged with Delight: An Interview with Kendra DeColo, Southern Indiana Review (2022)

A Witness in the Mist: Review of Jacques J. Rancourt’s Brocken Spectre, Southern Indiana Review (2022)

Review of Nervous System by Rosalie Moffett, Pleiades (May 2021)

Review of PINE by Julia Koets, Los Angeles Review (March 2021)

Inventing Words is a Form of Longing: Interview with Julia Koets, Southern Indiana Review (2021)

Another Way to Feel Alive: a Conversation with Allison Hutchcraft, The Hopper (December 2020).

Laboratory of Language: An Interview with Chelsea Wagenaar, Southern Indiana Review

“The Meter Reader” Reviews columnSouthern Indiana Review

A Necessary Emptiness to Grow Into: a Review of Traci Brimhall’s Saudade, The Adroit Journal, July 2018. 

Review of Ruth Awad’s Set to Music a Wildfire, The Collagist, February 2018. 

Review of Lisa Allen Ortiz’s Field Guide to the Exhibit, The Bind, November 2017.  

Review of lore by Davis McCombs, The Collagist, August 2017. 

Singing Toward Wholeness, a review of Rajiv Mohabir’s The Taxidermist’s Cut, Gravel Mag, February 2017. 

Remembering Brigit Pegeen Kelly, October 20, 2016.

Flensing Fact from Truth: a Behind the Scenes Look at “Last Visit” – North American Review Blog Post, September 4, 2014.

Reviews of my work: 

“A Celebration of Chaos: Review of Glass Harvest” by Rachel Carly in glassworks. 

Elena M. Stiehler’s review of F(r)iction Six at Sonder Review, including some kind words about my poems featured in that issue.

Dorothy Chan’s review of Glass Harvest in Boxcar Poetry Review, January 2017. 

Neil Leadbetter’s review of Glass Harvest, December 2016. 

Whittemore’s Glass Harvest a Great Debut by Robert Bonazzi in the San Antonio-Express News

Washington Independent Review of Books Reviews Glass Harvest

What You Love Will Haunt You:” Glass Harvest reviewed by Ruth Awad

A stunning first book by a truly original writer:” Glass Harvest reviewed by Sonja James

Tennessee Williams Literary Festival Prize Results

Interviews, Podcasts, and Other Miscellany: 

Cross-Ties Profile by Angela Joynes in West Trestle Review, November 2022

Interview about Queer Ecopoetics with Stacey Balkun on the University of Arizona Poetry Blog, September 2021

Interview on Sou’wester with Valerie Vogrin, December 2020.

Outer Voice Arts: Interview with Simba Woodard and Clay Steakley about Write with Pride, November 13, 2020.

Open Stacks Podcast with Jason Martin, November 2020

Interview with Sophia Maas for MTSU English’s In Process Series, July 2020.

Interview with Nina Murray, June 2020

Featured on “Tattoosday” April 2020.

Excited to be part of Oak Spring Garden Foundation’s 2020 Cohort of Artists-in-Residence!

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Writer: Amie Whittemore, interview by Nina Murray, December, 2019.

Featured on “Tattoosday,” April 5, 2018.

Interviewed by David Nilsen on Hopper Mag, November 2017. 

Filmed Reading at Madison Area Technical College, October 5, 2017

Interview with MTSU News, October 2017. 

Priceless Opportunities in Champaign-Urbana: Interview with Jason Lee Brown

Authors Talk at Superstition Review, May 19, 2017

Featured on Poem of the Week (4/13/17)

The Wardrobe’s Best Dressed: Excerpts from Glass Harvest

C-ville Weekly profile, July 27, 2016

Pet Poetics Interview by Ruth Awad

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