Dream Geographies

Dreamscape for FB

As part of my work as Murfreesboro’s 2020 Poet Laureate, I am collaborating with my fellow laureates (Painter Laureate Dawna Kinne Magliacano, Photographer Laureate Tommy Womack, and Former Poet Laureate Kory Wells), to connect local dreamers, artists, & poets through “Pandemic Panoramas: Dreamscapes in Crisis.”

This pandemic has changed and limited our lives in multiple ways. While we are confined at home, we can still travel anywhere in our dreams. Thus, we are seeking local dreamers to contribute descriptions of places they visit in dreams, as well as local artists and poets to volunteer to bring these dreamscapes to life.

The results of this collaboration will be shared on a website, and through a Zoom event, as well as social media, in early summer.