Star-Tent: Advanced Praise

“Amie Whittemore’s complex and beautiful collection is an imaginative triptych that takes readers through a universe that can whet so many appetites. Through lyric epistles to extraterrestrials, we read about a desire made—not by contact—but by the absence after. In interstellar explorations, there’s a struggle with inherited longings. Through it all we see the refusal to translate the unknowable. Instead of all the rehearsed intimacies, here they are sudden and gray, delicious and over too soon. Every turn surprises and deepens, and I’m in awe of these poems, how the search for connection can cross time, distance and celestial address, and how a person can finally meet themselves in the care of others.” – Traci Brimhall

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Glass Harvest: celebrating its 7th birthday

In stunningly lush and organic lines filled with milkweed, soybeans, and marigold, where
heartcall is answered by birdsong, and both land and speaker are palimpsestically haunted by past and future seasons, Amie Whittemore fills her dream ark with vivid catalogues, memories, and visions. In poems that weave together “an entire imaginary alphabet from a single letter” with the intricate architectural skill of a bird’s nest braiding together hair and twigs, these poems ricochet between rivetingly fierce consciousness and pure animal
joy in a journey that is as harrowing as it is lustrous.

–Lee Ann Roripaugh, Author of Dandarians

Available through Autumn House Press!

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